Survey offers glimpse of travel in Quad Cities

April  09, 2014

      A new survey shows where residents of the Quad Cities travel and how they get there.

      Yesterday, a consultant presented findings to the Bi-State Regional Commission, which will use them to determine future transportation projects in the Quad Cities. 

      Gena McCullough, Director of Planning, says between last October and January more than 17-hundred households participated by recording their travels for one day.  She says some results were surprising, and others weren't. 

      "Higher income households make more trips. They have the means to do that. And those households that have more vehicles, they make more trips. Not surprisingly, we're a more car-dependent community here, and the occupancy rate for trips here in the Quad Cities is just over one person per vehicle."

      McCullough says the survey also revealed how important bridges are to the Quad Cities.

      "We know that about 20% of the households live in one state and work in the other, and so the survey reflects that about 28% of the households who took part in the survey crossed the river at least once in their travel day."

      She says the preliminary findings of the survey offer a glimpse of the most desirable travel routes, and those that will require more work.

      The Commission expects to have a full report by early May. In the meantime, the Commission encourages residents to give their thoughts about possible transportation projects by clicking here