Survey about courthouse restoration

April  08, 2014

      Members of the Rock Island County Board are being surveyed to find out what they think should be done with the courthouse. The Ad Hoc commitee studying the courthouse and other county offices is trying to find out if there's anything close to a consensus.

      Board chairman, Phil Banaszak, says the courthouse does not meet state standards for courtrooms, but the problem is, it's not really a priority for most residents who rarely use the building. "A majority of the people really don't use the courthouses overall unless there's a situation, a civil dispute, to come down here, and so it's difficult for them to understand and relate to what we're dealing with down here until they actually come down here and see it."

      Questions on the survey for members of the Rock Island County Board range from, "Do you agree that current faciliities are inadequate" to "what remedies do you suggest," "are you familiar with the study done by the Ad Hoc Committee," and "how would you pay for any changes that should be made?"

       "[The members of the Board] really have done their due diligence in regards to exploring all options that we have for the court house and the county office building, but there may be something, and hopefully we can at least get their feelings on it and see what exactly they may want us to do and what direction to take."

      Banaszak says the Ad hoc commitee hoped to get a courthouse funding referendum on the ballot this year, but the Board has other issues to decide first.

      Banaszak will review the results of the suvey at the end of the month.