State Grant for I Wireless Center

October  24, 2013

     The state of Illinois will help modernize the Eye Wireless Center in Moline. Today Governor Pat Quinn came to the Quad Cities to formally announce a 4 million dollar grant from the public works program, Illinois Jobs Now.

     He says it's important for the state to invest in civic centers, especially this one, because of its importance to the local economy.

     "And we want to make sure we keep it modern, accessible, available, and ready to go for families all across western Illinois, Iowa, you name it."

     And he says one of the best things government can do is "build things that last a long time and help families."

     One of the many local officials thanking the governor today was Paul Mulcahey, chairman of the board of the Quad Cities Civic Center Authority, which oversees the center. 

     "You can go to a lot of civic centers in this state and around the country that are 20 years old, and a lot of them are falling apart. When you walk into our civic center, you think it's almost brand new. We're proud of that and intend to keep it that way."

     The state grant will be used to upgrade the building's lighting, security, plumbing, roof, flooring, accessibility, and climate control, plus expand the second floor concourse.

     Originally called the Mark, it opened in 1993.