St. Ambrose Hosts Sustainability Series

September  16, 2013

In the coming year, a local college will focus on sustainability. That's the topics for Saint Ambrose University's fifth annual year-long speaker series, including ethical practices related to the earth, its resources, and to humans.

Father Bud Grant came up with the idea for this year's topic.

"It's called the sustain dash ability, sustain-ability," said Grant. "And so we want people to interpret the idea of sustainability as broadly as possible. One of our first speakers from Creighton University is going to talk about sustaining religious freedom. That's stretching it a little bit. But most of our speakers are taking tht term in a very environmental interpretation."

Starting Tuesday, more than twenty speakers will come to campus to discuss everything from the environmental effects of Agent Orange to the future of social justice. 

But Grant thinks the urgent nature of environmental sustainabilty and the effects of climate change are often neglected. 

"When I started teaching this 20 years ago," said Grant, "We talked about what can we do in order to ensure that bad things don't happen ecologically. We no longer can have that conversation. The conversation we're now having is since we didn't act responsibly when we could have and should have, now what can we do to adapt to and mitigate the consequences of the decisions we've made in the past."

Key speakers include author and activist Winona LaDuke, founder of Living Lands and Waters Chad Pregracke, Catholic theologian John Haught, and Wes Jackson from The Land Institute.  The Sustainability speaker series at St. Ambrose University begins Tuesday, and continues through April 3rd.

A full schedule of events can be found at the Saint Ambrose website. (