Southpark Demolition Begins

April  24, 2014

      A key step in the renovation of Southpark Mall will start soon. This afternoon, mall officials, and city and business leaders celebrated the beginning of demolition by setting off fireworks. The former Sears store and food court will be torn down, and then the interior of the mall will be updated, current tenants are remodeling, and some new stores will open.

      Mall manager, Kathy Jurgens, says eliminating 250,000 square feet will transform the mall into "the right size."

      "The end result will ultimately be providing the community with a more dynamic line-up, providing an updated setting, and re-invent the shopping experience."

      Leading the project will be Russell Construction. President and ceo, Jim Russell, thinks it's kind of strange to celebrate tearing something down. 

      "It's also very unusual to celebrate tearing down some things I had a part in building during my career. Several stores that we're tearing down have actually been built by us at Russell Construction over the past 30 years."

       In addition to the changes inside, the make-over will include landscaping, improved parking, and new access from John Deere Road. 

      In March, Southpark celebrated its 40th anniversary.