Smart Toyota Will Move

May  12, 2014

     After decades at one location, a well-known car dealership is going to move, but not very far. Today Smart Toyota of the Quad Cities broke ground at the corner of 53rd Street and Eastern Avenue in Davenport. 

     Don Reese is chief operating officer of Gurley Leep Automotive, based in South Bend Indiana, which owns Smart. 

      "We like 53rd Street and we like being on corner lots. It's just the ideal location for us. And it's only about a mile and-a-half from our current location so it's still pretty convenient for our customers."

      Gurley Leep bought Quad City Toyota from the Guilfoyle family in 2011. And it's going to spend 8 million dollars to build the new dealership.  Reese says the current building is at least 25 years old, and the new dealership will be four times the size - about 40,000 square feet. The current workforce of 35, will soon grow to 80.

      "Being in a new facility, that's state of the art, and it's larger, that gives you more space to operate. It's more customer friendly. It's really more conducive to today's selling and customer experience."

      Reese says Smart Toyota will continue to own the current location in the 46-hundred block of Brady Street, but no decision about its future use has been made yet.