Sitka Salmon Shares Expands

July  30, 2013

     A young company in Galesburg is expanding, and predicts it will double its customer base by next year. Sitka Salmon Shares has installed some new industrial freezers and other equipment that should be in operation by next week.

     President Nic Mink founded the company last year to connect midwest residents with "small boat fishermen" in southeast Alaska. The expansion will triple his production capacity and increase his storage capacity by five times.

     "So we can bring in more salmon at a time, make it a little cheaper on our end, and pass that on to the consumer. And also be able to store product a little bit longer than last year when we had the capacity to store 3,000 pounds. This year we'll have the capacity to hold 15,000 pounds of product."

     His customers, or subscribers, buy a share of the catch that usually amounts to about 5 or 10 pounds per month, for five months, from July through November. 

     "People think that's a lot of fish, but we should be eating fish once or twice a week if you listen to doctors. And when you're really dealing with the best of the best, the finest of the fine, it's really fun to eat fish 2 or 3 times a week"

     Sitka Salmon Shares now has 525 members and about a dozen restaurants, including Madison and Indianapolis. And Mink predicts he'll reach 600 members by November, and 1,000 next summer.  Currently the company employs 3 people full time in Galesburg, and about 6 part-time from July through September. 




(photo courtesy of Sitka Salmon Shares)