Scott County Warrants Online

February  12, 2014

      Scott County is asking for our help in cleaning up a large backlog of arrest warrants. Today it began posting a list of active warrants online, and searchable by name, charges, date, age, race, and sex. 

      Chief Deputy Sheriff, Mike Brown, says his department and local police departments just don't have the personnel to follow up on all these cases. And the Sheriff's Department gets a lot of calls from people asking about themselves, family members, and friends. 

      Already one call was received today as a result - Brown says someone called to say one of the people on the list lives across the streeet. So deputies went out and made an arrest.

      As of today the list includes more than 1,300 warrants, ranging from burglary and assault, to drug possession, driving with a suspended license, and non-payment of child support.  Brown says the online list only goes back through 2011 when Scott County and the police departments began using the same new, record-keeping software.