Republicans in the Iowa Quad Cities Get Ready for the Caucuses

January  02, 2014

Scott County republicans are preparing for the caucuses in January, but it's a lot less work than two years ago. 2012 was a presidential election year, and party members across Iowa had to spend part of their holidays getting ready for an early caucus date. That year, they were held on January 3rd.

Judy Davidson, Chair of the Scott County Republicans, says for the "off-year" election, the Iowa caucuses will be held on Tuesday, January 21st. She does not expect 6,000 people to attend, that's how many turned out two years ago. "Usually, about 500 show up. But in recent years, interest in elections has increased, so we could surpass that. And Iowa's January weather is always a factor." The Scott County GOP has reserved seven buildings for the caucuses, compared to 29 buildings two years ago.

Those who attend will discuss the Scott County Republican platform, and Davidson says they'll be able to submit new "planks" for consideration.  And she encourages residents to look up their caucus sites before January 21st. More information is at Scott County Republicans