School Security Cameras

August  13, 2013

     New security cameras will soon be installed in some Davenport schools. Monday night, the school board approved spending 327,000 dollars, for the three high schools and the Kimberly Center. Spokeswoman Dawn Saul says schools in the district already have cameras, but many of the cameras are old and none of them work together. A new system would allow monitoring and recording for each building, and connect all the schools.

     "One potential use might be to allow the Davenport Police Department access to a live feed from the video managment system if we had an emergency in one of our schools. Having access like that could offer law enforcement the information they need to resolve a situation more quickly and effectively."

     Once the high schools in Davenport have new security cameras, then similar systems will be installed in the intermerdiate and elementary schools. The work will be done by Communications Innovators, from Eldridge. 

     Saul says this is one of several projects in the district to improve security for students and staff. 

     "These are just some of the things that we've had in our 10 year facilities plan. They were moved to the forefront and undertaken more quickly after Sandy Hook."

     That's the school shooting in Connecticut late last year. Davenport schools now have so-called intruder locks on classroom and office doors, and the entrances have been secured so visitors have to be "buzzed in" by staff.