School Merger Study

June  25, 2013

     The latest study of the possible consolidation of several local school districts will be presented tonight. School boards from United Township, Colona, East Moline, Carbon Cliff, and Silvis will meet together to hear a report from three retired superintendents.

     U-T superintendent Jay Morrow and Colona superintendent Kyle Ganson say one of the key issues is money - will merging these elementary districts with the high school district save any money. Both say a merged district would only need one superintendent, but would have to fill several administrative jobs which would offset a lot of the savings. In addition to serving as superintendent, Ganson is also the district's chief financial officer, is in charge of maintenance, and evaluates teachers. Morrow is also U-T's director of human resources.

     Morrow estimates if all these districts combined, there would be about 45-hundred students, and perhaps 700 employees. The public meeting begins at 6 pm at Silvis Junior High School, in East Moline.

The three consultants who did the study are retired Riverdale superintendent Dave Bills, retired Geneseo superintendent Harold Ford, and retired Annawan superintendent Dick Van Kerrbroeck