Sauk Valley Shop Small

November  29, 2013

      Once again, some small shops and companies will band together to promote holiday shopping. Tomorrow is Small Business Saturday across the nation, and for the third year, dozens of businesses and groups will participate in Sterling, Rock Falls, and Dixon.

      Lisa Higby LeFevre is co-owner of the Distinctive Gardens garden center in Dixon, and one of the leaders of a group called "Sauk Valley Shop Small."

      "Small businesses and cultural groups really define the unique flavor of any small community. And when you choose to support a small business, you're really making a statement and investing back into your community. If you spend a dollar at a small businesses, more of that money stays in the community."

       Small Business Saturday was founded by American Express in 2010, and Sauk Valley Shop Small signed up the following year.

      "The first year at Distinctive Gardens, we saw a 50 per cent increase in sales. And so from that standpoint it was a no-brainer to participate. The following year, I anticipated we'd be lucky if we saw a 10 to 15 per cent increase. We turned around and saw an 80 per cent increase."

       LeFevre says this year Small Business Saturday will include the small  businesses in the Sauk Valley area, plus arts and cultural groups.