SAU Athletic Complex

January  08, 2014

      Facing opposition from its neighbors, Saint Ambrose University has revised its plans for a new athletic complex. This week, it released details of the project for the Saint Vincent Center property, just north of the university and next to Assumption High School. Vice president for finance, Mike Poster, says Saint Ambrose currently uses nearly 20 separate off-campus locations for sports programs games and practices.

      "So that's why this is really a key addition for us - to add this complex is to have athletic facilities of our own that are that close to our main campus and close enough for our student-athletes and our general student population to sue."

      Originally, plans called for practice fields, parking, and a 5,000 seat stadium that would also be used by Assumption - but the latest plan proposes a 25-hundred seat stadium. 

      "And hearing the feedback from the neighbors, we know that they were concerned about a stadium in this location. We thought it made sense to address those concerns so we've significantly scaled it back."

      People living near the proposed athletic complex are concerned about traffic, noise, lights, parking, and stormwater, and he thinks these concerns have been addressed in the revised plan. 

      To give their neighbors time to study the plan, Poster says Saint Ambrose agreed to release these details three months before the university asks the city to approve the project, and will host a public meeting January 21st, at the Rogalski Center. 


(drawing of proposed complex with Assumption High School at the middle of the left side, with Central Park Ave running from the bottom middle to the middle of the left edge)