Rock Island Will Hold a Deer Hunt Meeting Tuesday

November  11, 2013

Tomorrow night, hunters and Rock Island residents will learn more about a plan to reduce the number of deer in the city. Last month, aldermen approved a deer management program which will be held next month.  Parks Director, Bill Nelson, says hunters will learn how to get permits and other requirements. Property owners are welcome too, along with other residents.

The bow hunts for deer will held in Rock Island at the same time as the Illinois DNR's muzzle-loader seasons. That's the first two weekends of December. Nelson says that's not very many days, and the number of sites will be limited. Two of them will be Highland Springs and Saukie golf courses. "When we did the count, more than 280 deer were on the north side of the Rock River. It's a pretty high population here. The number of deer harvested could be high, and that would still not have a major impact on the number of deer here."

A count last winter showed about 400 deer in the city. The meeting about Rock Island's deer hunt will be held on Tuesday at 5:30 pm at city hall.