River Vision Workshop

March  13, 2014

      Davenport residents will get another chance to help decide the future of a key section of the city's riverfront. Thursday the city and a consultant will hold two workshops on the plan called River Vision. 

      Senior Planning Manager, Matt Flynn, calls it one of the most important riverfront sections - from the Rhythm City Casino and Main Street, east to Government Bridge. And in previous workshops, people have suggested a sculpture garden, enhanced trails, and other amenities to attract people 24 hours a day. 

      "Obviously the more public activity we get in the area, the more vital and strong business will be in that area. It'll help build synergy to help make private investment more successful."

      Flynn says there will probably be one more public input session on River Vision then it will go to the Levee Commission and city council for approval. And it will probably take many years to complete. 

      "That same skepticism or worry was probably there when Centennial Park started off, and here we are not even ten years later and that park is largely completed."

      One workshop begins at noon Thursday at the Hotel Black Hawk, with the second at 5:30 pm at the Freight House.