River Bandits Sign Deal with Astros

September  24, 2012

After losing their affiliation with the St. Louis Cardinals, the Quad Cities River Bandits have signed on with another major league team.  Today (Mon), the River Bandits announced a new, two-year deal with the Houston Astros.
        The head of player development for the Astros, Fred Nelson, says the team has been focusing more on its minor league teams in recent years to improve its major league roster.
        He also realizes players need to connect to the community, and the Astros are committed to making that happen.
        " And if that means being fan friendly on a nightly basis when they just got their tail kicked, then their expected to do it. If it means getting out into the community and spending time in hospitals or schools, then thats part of their role."
         Bandits General Manager, Stefanie Brown, says even with the change of affiliation from St. Louis to Houston, fans may not be able to tell much of a difference.
          " You take the Cardinals last year, we had guys that were with us for two weeks, and ya know would get called up, called down, come back, so the roster's ever changing.  This next year it'll just be a different roster with all new guys and then it'll be ever changing through the season.  So I mean you''ll see the same great entertainment, the fire works, the give aways, tw0 dollar beers.  All of that will still be the same, it'll just be different guys on the field."
          The River Bandits' deal with the Astros will last tw0 years.  The Bandits were affiliated with the Astros previously, from 1993 to 1998.
    Three current members of the Houston major league team once played for the Quad Cities.