RI Fine Arts Exhibition

March  12, 2014

      The 38th annual Rock Island Fine Arts Exhibition has opened, and will be on display at Augustana College through mid-April.

      It's open to artists living within 150 miles of the Quad Cities, and each year a special "juror" is chosen to choose the best from among all the entries. This year, the juror is Mary Em Kirn, professor emeritus of art history at Augustana. 

      Preston Thayer, director of the college's Teaching Museum of Art, says this year's exhibition features a wide range of media, including painting, sculpture, prints, and photographs. One entry, called "Navigation," is a single piece of paper folded many times with holes punched in it, resembling constellations.

      "It's a very simple concept - just a bunch of holes in a piece of paper but it evokes the whole history of navigation. And there's a list of cities that have some connection to how the constellations appear from those different cities."

      Doctor Thayer says another entry, an acrylic on canvas, shows a man's face, partly covered by a pink veil. 

      "As the title 'Pink Veil' suggests, half the face has been worked over with this pink paint after the face has been painted. There's the sort of suggestion of the figure not giving all the information about the person. I think that's very nicely done'"

      This year's Rock Island Fine Arts Exhibition will formally open Thursday night with a lecture by Mary Em Kirn "Looking Isn't as Easy as it Looks." It begins at 7:30 at Augustana College in Rock Island. 


(photo: "Kerby, Pink Veil" by John Nelson, from Quincy, Illinois)