Reward for Hit and Run Information

April  02, 2014

      Nearly a month after their son was killed near the Quad Cities, a couple from the Chicago area is still trying to figure out what happened. Today Al and Lauren Perez from Villa Park announced they're offering a reward for information. On March 8th, their 17 year old son Emilio was westbound on I-88 near Joslin when he ran out of gas. He was struck and killed by a car as he walked along the pavement, but the driver did not stop. 

      Al Perez is asking anyone travelling along I-88 on that night, between about 7:15 and 7:30, to call the Illinois State Police or Crimestoppers. 

      "Please make that call. We have these flyers we're going to be passing out through social media and we're going to go out in your community. Make a copy of it - I'm pleading with you as a father, as a family, and as a member of what could be your community.

      He hopes people will copy the family's flyer, and post it where-ever possible.

      Master Sergeant Chris Endress says the accident occurred on a dark stretch of highway where no one would expect to encounter a pedestrian. 

      "We don't believe this to be an intentional act of striking Emilio. It's an intentional act to continue to drive down the road, but there may be an explanation why that happened. We just want that person to come forward and tell us what happened."

      From evidence at the scene, he says the vehicle is a 1999 through 2007, full size Chevrolet or GMC pickup or SUV, missing the driver's side mirror and with damage to a headlight. 


(photo: Al Perez, speaking during a new conference at Illinois State Police district headquarters in East Moline, asking for our help in finding out what happened to his son)