Renovations at the Dubuque National Guard Armory

June  05, 2014

      New fences, new classrooms, and a geo-thermal heating system. These are just a few of the features that have been added to the National Guard armory in Dubuque. This afternoon, ths Guard will host a rededication ceremony for its Dubuque Readiness Center.

      Guard spokesman, Colonel Greg Hapgood, says the $2.3 million project also includes new windows and doors, a new kitchen, and a fitness center for the 200 soldiers based in the area.

      "It was important at this point in time to make it a little bit larger, and to make sure that they had all the space that they needed to train, space that they needed for physical fitness, and administrative tasks, as well."

      This is the second renovation since the center was built in 1985. The first upgrades were made in 2006. Hapgood says this won't be the last for the 32,000 square foot facility.

     "Our goal as an organization is to have every armory renovated within the last 20 years, or we build armories new so they're no more than 20 years old. And we've been very successful as an organization at making sure that all of our facilities have been either renovated or built within the last 20 years."

      The rededication ceremony will be held at 1 pm at the Dubuque Readiness Center.