Renovating Ambrose Hall

July  30, 2013

     The original building at Saint Ambrose University in Davenport is getting an expensive "facelift." Work began on the exterior of Ambrose Hall in April, and the 5 million dollar renovation should be completed in December. Vice president for finance, Mike Poster says Ambrose Hall was built in 1885 and was the only building on campus until the 1920's.

     "It is our iconic building. When most people think of Saint Ambrose University they think of this building. And so there was no way we would knock it down. It's definitely something we want to renovate."

     The renovation includes replacing the windows on the 128 year old building, tuck pointing, and replacing the sandstone on the lower sections with limestone. Poster says their goal is to maintain the historic "look" of the building, but then in the future turn the inside into a modern academic facility.

     "This is a 97,000 square foot building so we're looking at doing that over a number of fiscal years. Mostly because there is no way we can shut this whole building down while it's being renovated. So we'll have to do it in several stages in the future."

      Ambrose Hall currently houses administrative offices, plus classrooms and faculty offices.