Rate Hike Request for Illinois QC

April  11, 2014

      The cost of electricity may go up later this year for residents of the Illinois Quad Cities. Mid-American Energy has filed a rate hike request with the Illinois Commerce Commission.

      Spokeswoman Tina Potthoff says the company has 70,000 customers in, and near, the Illinois Quad Cities, and if approved this would be the first increase in their electric rates in more than 20 years.

       "The increase for residential customers will average about $13 a month or about 21 %. But when you average all customer classes, the average proposal is about 16 %."

       Potthoff says if the increase is approved, it would return rates to the level of the company's last rate hike - in 1992. 

      "The way things work, the most recent rate actions have actually been reductions for our customers. We had about a 13 % rate reduction in 1996, the result of a merger. And we also had a 2 % reduction in 1998 for our residential rates."

      She says higher rates are finally needed due to the rising cost of doing business, and stricter environmental rules. 

      The Illinois Commerce Commission is expected to make a decision on the request by November.