QC Unemployment

January  30, 2014

      Unemployment fell in the Quad Cities last month.  Tom Austin, from the Illinois Department of Employment Security, says the unemployment rate went from 7 percent in December of last year, to 6.8 percent last month. 

"Although there was a mix of increases and decreases, the overall area gained over a thousand jobs. With increases in industries such as construction, retail trade, professional business services, which incorporates some of our employment services companies, as well as leisure and hospitality." 

      But some of these gains were offset by job losses in government and manufacturing. However, Austin says the manufacturing layoffs were temporary and those workers may have been called back this month. 

      At 6.8 percent the Quad Cities had the lowest December unemployment rate for the 12 largest metropolitan areas in Illinois. Next was Bloomington at 7.1 percent. At the other end of the scale, unemployment hit 12.2 percent in Danville and 12.7 percent in Decatur.