QC School Principal Honored

December  07, 2012

         A school principal in the Quad Cities has won a national award. Today the USA Network presented its "Characters Unite Award" to Phillip Ambrose at the Thurgood Marshall Learning Center in Rock Island.             Fred Haug, from the USA Network, says Characters Unite recognizes people across the country who fight hate and in-tolerance, and promote diversity and respect. And Ambrose won for leading a year-long project at Thurgood Marshall on the Tuskeegee Airmen - using America's first squadron of African-American pilots as a basis for lessons and activities.
        "And it wasn't just that project, it was everything that principal Ambrose has done for this community and for this school, standing up against intolerance and hate."
       He says Ambrose's is one of ten winners this year, and he was chosen from among hundreds of nominations.

       Ambrose thanked the network for choosing him, and his school. 
       "So much more important than the Characters Unite Award is that you get it - you see the importance of teaching diversity and you see the importance of teaching tolerance in the public schools and in the Catholic schools in America."
       And he says he was just one part of the project - students, faculty and staff at Thurgood Marshall deserve most of the credit.  This year's project on tolerance and diversity at the school is called "Beyond the Dream" - looking at the 50 years since Doctor Martin Luther King gave his famous "I Have a Dream" speech. 

(photo (l-r) Loren Hynes - dir. Public Affairs for USA Network, Todd Curtis - Mediacom Regional Vice President, Phillip Ambrose - principal Thurgood Marshall Learning Center, Fred Haug - dir. Affiliate Marketing for USA Network)