QC Boeing Bid

December  26, 2013

      With help from the two states, the Quad Cities hopes to make a bid for a new factory and thousands of jobs. This week, local officials asked the governors of Iowa and Illinois to support a regional proposal to Boeing for a multi-billion dollar airplane assembly plant.

      Davenport Mayor Bill Gluba says Boeing should consider the Quad Cities because it's just a few hours drive from corporate headquarters in Chicago, has potential suppliers like Alcoa, has skilled workers with experience in advanced manufacturing, there's plenty of land, and it has two airports. But he thinks the key is a bi-state support. 

      "With the strength of both - Iowa's triple-A bond rating and Illinois has a lot of political clout with Senator Durbin who sits on the appropriations committee for the Department of Defense. We've just got a lot of assets we could bring to bear and have a shot at it anyway."

      Gluba admits it's a long shot, but thinks if the two states work together on this, then they could help attract companies, and new jobs, to the Quad Cities in the future.

      "If we wouldn't get it, it would still be a prototype - the idea of getting Iowa and Illinois to team up on these major projects to the benefit of the Quad Cities. We're a unique situation here, and why don't the two states work hand-in-glove on attracting plants, corporations, and businesses of this nature."

      Boeing says 22 states are competing for the new plant, which would have 85-hundred jobs, and a decision could be made early next year.