Prosecution Tries to Link Stolen Pickup Truck to Sheley

May  27, 2014

       Near the end of his two-state murder spree in 2008, Nicholas Sheley left a stolen pickup truck and other evidence near Saint Louis. That's what prosecutors tried to prove today at Sheley's trial in Rock Island for the killing of four people in Rock Falls six years ago. 

      Three investigators who responded to a murder scene in Festus, Missouri on the morning of June 30th, 2008, took the stand. St. Louis patrolman Thomas Hickel was the first to identify the stolen pick up truck, a black Chevrolet Silverado, with blood stains in the passenger seat.  Then Dawn Alvers, a former crime scene investigator for the St. Louis Police Department identified a butterfly knife, along with two keys hidden in a trashcan near the stolen pickup.

      Gary Walker was taking a smoke break from his job at the Sigma Chemical Company on June 30th when he spotted a man in khakis and a white shirt placing items in, on top of, and under a trash can across the street from the factory.

      "After I saw the guy, I thought that something seemed odd, and as the gentleman left here and went towards the river, I tried to follow him. But then, there was a sprinkler pump house, and then I lost him. [Prosecutor: 'And that pickup truck that is depicted in that photograph, was it parked on the street when you saw this person placing items into or underneath the trash can?'] Yes it was."

      Prosecutors said last week, they might finish presenting their case sometime this week.