Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Comes to the Quad Cities

September  12, 2013

A priceless piece of history was unveiled in the Quad Cities on Wednesday. Special handlers uncrated the wedding dress worn by the late Princess Diana at the Putnam Museum, ahead of the opening of an exhibit about her life on Saturday.

Dress handler Graeume Murton says millions of people around the world have seen the dress. But this will be the last chance to see it before it's given to her sons William and Harry.

"I think it was over a billion people who saw the actual wedding," said Murton. "And I think people can relate back to their childhood or where they were when Princess Diana actually got married. And it was a royal wedding that we hadn't had in England for I don't know how many years. I think the last wedding like that possibly was our Queen's."

The exhibit at the Putnam Museum will chronicle Diana's life and work. The 150 items include more than twenty of her dresses, two tiaras, and the orginal song and lyrics to Elton John's tribute, "Candle in the Wind".

Murton is one of the two people in the world authorized to handle the famous wedding dress. 

"There's strict controls that we have to adhere to," said Murton. "But we're kind of the school masters. We have to make sure that every one adheres to the rules and regulations of how it actually travels. We're the only people that touch it. It's so strict because we're not only dealing with history, we're also dealing with priceless things."

"Diana, a Celebration" will be on display at the Putnam Museum in Davenport starting Saturday, and continuing through January 5th.