Pastors step onto the stage this weekend

April  25, 2014

      Pastors will step out of the pulpit and onto the stage this weekend. The second annual Pastors on Parade, sponsored by Churches United, will feature clergy from the Quad Cities showcasing their talents to raise money for local food pantries. 

      The show will feature a variety of talent, from poetry and bluegrass to classical music and magic. Churches United board member Jane Bahls says the show gives pastors the opportunity to connect with the community in a new way. 

      "You get this response like, 'Oh my goodness! That's a pastor who's playing the organ like that, or who's playing the piano or singing.' We don't always agree with each other within the Christian church on every matter of doctrine and governance, but one thing we all agree on is feeding the hungry."

      Churches United represents 136 Christian faith groups in the Quad Cities. 

      Pastors on Parade will be held at the First Presbyterian Church in Davenport Sunday at 2pm.

(Photo: Pastor Bill Coley, MC from the first annual Pastors on Parade last year. Photo courtesy of Churches United).