Palmer and WIU Sign Agreement

May  07, 2014

      From now on, it will be easier for graduates of Western Illinois University to earn a doctorate of chiropractic degree from Palmer College. Both schools announced a partnership agreement today that will allow students to receive a bachelors in general studies from WIU and complete the program at Palmer in just six years.

       Western President Jack Thomas says this dual-degree program joins the list of the nearly 70 undergraduate programs and 40 advanced degree programs offered by the university.

      "This is a true example of a win-win partnership, and the biggest winners in this scenario are our students. By working together, we're able to offer a unique educational opportunity to students."

      Palmer chancellor Dennis Marchiori, says to prepare for the new agreement, both colleges coordinated their student counseling services. 

      "What we've done with this partnership agreement is that the faculty that teach the individual courses that we may have in common, have collaborated to approve each other's syllabi and work plans so that we can share some of that course work, thereby reducing redundancy. That might be in biology, anatomy, physiology--some of the common pieces that you would see in an undergraduate program."

      Marchiori says students can complete required courses for the special program on campus and online.  Palmer College already has 60 similar agreements with other universities, including Saint Ambrose, theUniversity of Northern Iowa, and Iowa State University. It also has campuses in Florida and California. 


(Photo: WIU President Jack Thomas, left; Palmer Chancellor Dennis Marchiori, right).