Operation Life Preserver

May  13, 2014

      Local residents can help preserve the stories of the men and women who've served in the military. Operation Life Preserver has begun raising money online to pay for video recordings of veterans from World War Two, Korea, and Vietnam.

      Founder Greg Wilson says many groups across the country are gathering veterans' stories, but Operation Life Preserver is different. 

      "We're not focusing solely on service-related stories. These men and women aren't defined solely by their service experience. Now they're honored for that, and we're very grateful, but they're defined by their earlier life, and how they grew up."

      These veterans grew up in the 1920's, 30's, 40's, and 50's, and he credits them with building America into what it is today. 

      Wilson has been working on this project for several months, and everyone he talks to agrees it's a great idea, and something that needs to be done. 

      "But it won't get done unless we get the funding. And so if we really want to preserve these stories, then I ask that they please give."

      Donations to Operation Life Preserver can be made using its Facebook page. Wilson has already started interviewing veterans in the Quad Cities area, and he hopes other groups will take his idea to their communities across the country.