Online job postings in Illinois reach a high

May  06, 2014

      There is new evidence that the Illinois economy is improving. Businesses in the state posted nearly 208,000 online job listings in April, one of the highest numbers ever. An independent research group reports most of the postings were for full-time jobs, and over 5,000 of those listings were for jobs in the Quad Cities. 

      Jay Rowell, director of the Illinois Department of Employment Security, says the state is fertile ground for businesses to expand these days. And one of the main reasons is the workforce. 

      "Where we really stand out especially in comparison to the rest of the Midwest is the education level of our workforce. We have a very highly-educated, very skilled workforce here in Illinois and that's part of ther reason we're seeing that new business creation and we're seeing a lot of these positions being posted."

      Most of the postings were placed through Illinois job link dot com, the state's hiring board that was launched in 2012.  Rowell says the free service lets employers, local and national, choose from a vast applicant pool of over 80,000 resumes. 
      "There's a lot of algorithms built in the system, occupation codes to really help employers and jobseekers get that right match."

      The report says the top advertised positions in the Quad Cities in April were in retail, health care, and transportation.