Nuclear Safety

June  10, 2013

     Instead of throwing away what may look like junk mail from Exelon, people who live near the Cordova nuclear plant should keep it AND review it. This month, the utility sent about 31,000 emergency planning brochures to homes and businesses located within a ten-mile radius of the Quad Cities Nuclear Generating Station. 

     Spokesman, Bill Stoermer, says it includes evacuation routes, precautions, and tips for people to take if a disaster happens at the plant. 

     "We ask people to keep it somewhere that is readily available. The information would always be available via the radio stations, but this just gives them a hard copy that they can have in front of them if they choose."

     If you haven't received the emergency planning brochure by the end of the week, Stoermer says it's available on Exelon's web site. Or just call the Cordova plant and ask for one.