Iowa Supreme Court Justice Recall Tour

September  25, 2012

                 A state-wide tour to recall a member of the Iowa Supreme Court, visited the Quad Cities today.  The "No- Wiggins" bus stopped at a church in Davenport this morning to rally people to vote no on Justice David Wiggins' retention.
                Wiggins was part of a unanimous Iowa Supreme Court decision that legalized gay marriage in 2009.  The "No Wiggins" campaign is led by "The Family Leader" an Iowa group opposed to gay marriage.
                The rally also included speakers from Patriot Voices, a group founded by former Republican Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum.  And from, a Chicago based pro-life and traditional marriage group.
                Also this morning  at the Scott County Courthouse, a Pro-Wiggins rally was held by the Iowa State Bar Association. It's also sponsoring a bus trip to the same cities as the No-Wiggins Tour.
    Two years ago three Iowa Supreme Court justices lost their retention votes because of their role in the ruling that legalized gay marriage in Iowa.