Nicholas Sheley Murder Trial Continues With Autopsy Evidence

May  21, 2014

      Gruesome photos and gruesome details were the focus today at the Nicholas Sheley murder trial in Rock Island. Forensic pathologist Mark Peters took the stand during day 3 of testimony for the Illinois man charged with four murders in Rock Falls in 2008.  Dr. Peters performed the autopsies three days after the murders.

     When asked his opinion on the injuries 25-year-old murder victim Kenneth Ulve suffered, Peters responded  "Those injuries are caused by a hammer. You know, I've done five autopsies with hammer injuries and I've seen many textbook photos of hammer injuries, and that's the only way you can get a skull injury like that is with a hammer."

      Peters said all four victims suffered fatal injuries from blunt trauma to the head. 

      Presiding at the trial is Chief Judge Jeffery O'Connor: "The severity and the extent of these injuries is really not very much up for debate. The real questiosn is who's responsible, and up to this point in this trial, I've had no evidence so far that I've heard suggesting who's responsible for this."

      Defense attorneys tried to block the showing of the autopsy photos to the jury, but they were overruled by Judge O'Connor.