New Moline Tif Districts

October  08, 2013

     Two new tax increment financing districts could help boost some important development projects in Moline. Tonight the city council will be asked to create one downtown, around the new train station, and one next to the riverfront campus of Western Illinois University.

     Planning and Development director, Ray Forsythe, says one of the new tif districts would include the O'Rourke Building, the site of the future Amtrak station, and extend east through the Historic Block and to the former Deere Collectors Center. It would help the city build two new parking structures.

     "One would support the businesses in the historic block, the Collectors Center, and the John Deere Pavillion. The other one would support the train station, the future commercial development that goes with the station, and the six story hotel that's going into the O'Rourke Buidling."

Forsythe says the second tif district, next to the WIU campus, is part of an agreement the city made with the university.

     "Western is providing the classroom space and the library. Then the private sector, with the city's help, will provide student housing, the book store, the coffee shop, the restaurant - commercial uses typically found on or near a campus."

     And someday, the city might want to build a parking structure for this development. Forsythe says both proposed tif districts cover about 20 acres, and much of the land in each is already city-owned.