New Logos for River Bandits

November  19, 2013

     When they take the field next season, the Quad Cities River Bandits will have a new look. Today the team unveiled a set of new logos.

     General Manager, Andrew Chesser, says the various logos used on their hats and uniforms had not changed since the change in ownership in 2008.

     "We worked with the original designer of the River Bandits logos in 2008. We told him the vision - we wanted to incorporate all the Quad Cities, the river, and the bridge. He sent us back 2-300 versions and we whittled the list down from there." 

      Chesser says their goal was incorporate more of the Quad Cities in the new logos.

     "We wanted to incorporate the natural beauty of the stadium and what better way to do that than incorporating the Centennial Bridge - it's an unmistakable version of the Centennial Bridge that we have back there now."

      And one of the new logos shows a baseball, wrapped with a River Bandits bandana, splashing into water - meant to symbolize the Mississippi River.   Merchandise with these new logos is now available.

      Players will start wearing them in the spring - opening day is now set for April 3rd.