New Home for Babe and Sophie

October  21, 2013

     With no advance warning, the two elephants at the Niabi Zoo have departed, and arrived at their new home. Late this afternoon, the zoo sent out a press release announcing that Babe and Sophie arrived today at the Little Rock Zoo in Little Rock Arkansas.

     Following his recommendations earlier this year that the two be moved to a warmer climate with a larger herd, consultant and elephant expert Alan Roocroft selected Little Rock as the best new home for Babe and Sophie. It has a warmer climate - elephants there only have to be kept inside one or two weeks each winter, compared to 4 to 6 months at Niabi. He also likes the staff in Little Rock and its management program for the animals. 

     Babe and Sophie have joined Little Rock's adult female elephant, Zina.

     Niabi Zoo director Marc Heinzman says technically the two elephants are on loan to the other zoo, meaning Niabi is still the owner and still controls their future.