New health services for Quad Cities women

April  28, 2014

      New health services are available for women in the Quad Cities. The Rock Island County Health Department has announced that it's added a new provider and services to its Women's Health Program. 

      Nutritionist Hilary Knott says, thanks to a new staff member, the Family Planning Clinic can continue to offer breast and cervical cancer screenings, and expand its birth control services and annual check ups.

      "For about the last 8 or 9 months, we've only had a provider once or maybe twice or week, so with this current new certified nurse midwife, we're able to serve the public, Monday through Friday from 8 to 4:30 so everyday we have these types of services."

      Knott says the Women's Health Program serves up to 20 women a day, and nearly 3,000 women every year. She's hoping those numbers will increase. 

      "We're hoping to accomplish easier access for medical care, especially for women who don't have the availability of health care or maybe women who previously have not been insured."

      Knott says the Family Planning Clinic receives its funding from federal and state grants, and that the Rock Island County Health Department plans eventually to expand its health services for men.