New Drop-Off Site

October  31, 2013

     Recycling will now be easier for some residents of Davenport. Thursday the Waste Commission of Scott County will open a new drop-off recycling center downtown, on Marquette Street, near Centennial Park.

     Spokeswoman Brandy Welvaert says it took about a year and-a-half to plan and prepare the site. And the goal is to make recycling more convenient for downtown-area residents.

     "Who don't necessarily have other types of recycling services that people may have in residential areas with single family homes, for example. That type of recycling doesn't always happen downtown."

     The site is just west of Centennial Park, near the Davenport riverfront, and also next to the city's former public works headquarters. It cost 120,000 dollars - with half from the waste commission and half from a state grant and in-kind help from the city.

     She says the Waste Commission already has 5 drop-off sites - at West Lake Park and Scott County Park, in Pleasant Valley at Allied Waste, at the landfill in Buffalo, and at the main recycling center in north Davenport. 

     A ribbon cutting is set for 1 pm Thursday.  Welvaert says currently the Scott Area Recycling Center processes about 154 tons of recyclables per week.