New Director Starts at Moline Library

August  19, 2013

     Learning the building and meeting her staff were the main jobs today for the new director of the Moline Library. It was the first day on the job for Lee Ann Fisher, who replaces Robert Hafeman who left last spring.

     Fisher has spent the last 12 years as director of the city library in Decatur Illinois. 

     "Your collection is a little smaller and your size is a little smaller, however your number of citizens who have library cards and your circulation are larger. So while Decatur might have a larger collection, here more people are using the collection you do have."

     Her staff in Decatur numbered 63, but she has about 40 full and part-time employees in Moline.

     Fisher says one of her main accomplishments there was to boost adult programming.

     "When I got there in 2001, we had zero adult programming. Then this past May we had "The Wall That Heals, " a one-third size replica of the Vietnam Wall and we ran a month-long program. During that program in one month we had 10,000 participants."

     She applied for the job in Moline because it "sounded like a good place to be" for the next step in her library career. And Fisher says her main challenge here will be to "make a good library better."