New Book About Hero Street

May  06, 2014

      The patriotism and sacrifices made by some Quad Cities residents are celebrated in a new book. A ceremony was held in Silvis today on the official publication date of  "Ghosts of Hero Street," by Carlos Harrison.

      The author, newspaper and magazine writer, and former Fox News correspondent from Miami Florida has written the story of a small neighborhood in the Quad Cities, and how 22 immigrant families from Mexico sent 57 young men to serve in World War Two and Korea.  Harrison calls it "a truly American story."

      "Of the people who came, from where-ever we all came from, they came here and wanted to work, they wanted to give and not t0 take, they wanted to be a part of, not to be apart from."

       And eight of those 57 young soldiers were killed, and are now remembered with plaques, at Hero Street Memorial Park.

      Harrison says it's also the story of how they and their families overcame poverty and discrimination.  

      "And I felt when I looked at this story that they needed recognition for their contributions. And that's what we all need. All the folks were asking for here was to be treated as equals. And I think the way we do that is by recognizing their contributions are the same or more than any other place."

      He will donate some of the proceeds from his book to help pay for college scholarships for Latino children. 

      Joining Harrison at the Hero Street Memorial today were local and state officials, and descendants of the Hero Street families.  The City of Silvis and the Illinois State Historic Society erected the Hero Street Memorial Monument in 1989.