New Augustana Dining Center

July  16, 2013

     A major construction project at Augustana College will reach a major milestone this week. One month before students start returning to campus, kitchen and dining staff will begin training in the new dining center.  The new dining center will replace the current cafeterias in the College Center and Westerlin Hall.          Manager of retail services, Brad Foley, says the re-modeled 5th floor of the library will have seating for up to 800, and feature six preparation and serving areas, called marches (mar-shayz). One is named Bella Luna - for pizza and pasta.

     "We'll have a daily special pizza and different styles of pasta. There'll be a lot of cooked-to-order so you can choose the things you'd like to eat."

     The other marches are American Grill, Wild Thymes, Green Creations, Global Fusion, and a dessert area to be named by students. And don't forget the breakfast bar, and bakery with a special window to see what's in the oven. Gone are the metal rods we used to slide our trays along and choose from a few main courses and vegetables - like most other colleges nowadays Foley says there will be no trays - just plates, bowls, and silverware.

     For the staff, he thinks the most exciting feature will be all the new equipment. 

     "At Westerlin our pots are 40-45 years old, while our ovens are in the upper 20's. So in our training, it's a lot our staff already knows, but just an upgrade."

     For now, the best he can say is the first meals will be served sometime "next month."