Nepalese community celebrates its new year

April  14, 2014

      Today marks the start of a new year for some local residents. The Nepalese community is celebrating Baishakh, which is the first month of the year 2071 on their calendar.

      More than 35 families gathered to celebrate at an event hosted by the Quad Cities Nepalese Society over the weekend. Sabina Poudell, who came to Davenport from Nepal ten years ago, says whether you're a Nepalese in the Quad Cities or Nepal, Baishakh is an occasion for fellowship, music, and food.

      "In Nepal, when it's new year, I think we just celebrate the new year like here. But here, it'd be more like fireworks and staying up until midnight for the time. But we don't really do that. For the new year, we kinda get together with the family, and we want to wish everyone happy new year."

      People from Nepal began moving to the Quad Cities over a decade ago. And there are now nearly 200 members, are businessmen, doctors, and engineers. 

      Rad Pandit says the new year is one of three times a year when the community comes together. "We want to give the flavor of our origin to our kids, and more than that, we want to grow our family, and we want to grow our family in a peaceful neighborhood in a good education system,a nd the Quad Cities offers all of that in one package."

      The Nepalese new year celebration was held at the Clarion Hotel in Davenport on Saturday.