Quad Cities Mural Project

June  26, 2013

More than a dozen young people are trying to dress up an eyesore in downtown Davenport.  Members of the Quad City Arts Metro Arts Summer Youth Program are painting a mural at the intersection of 5th and Harrison streets.

Augustana College freshman, Jillian Jesperson, helped design the mural. She says when it's all done, people will see a large octopus along the wall holding a pencil in one of its tentacles.

"It's an awkward little animal," said Jesperson about the octopus. "Its's pretty much someone new to the city who feels uncomfortable where they are. And we're trying to convey the message that by coming into Davenport, you can create your home here, like you can draw yourself a place to live here."

Sarah Robb has been the lead artist of the annual summer mural project for seven years, and thinks the project teaches young people how to create art on a large scale. 

Plus, she says, it's a great benefit to the city.

"I personally think what it adds to the community is, it sounds so cheesy when I say it but, a bit of color, a bit of life," said Robb. "I love the idea that it's not only for the traffic, people passing through, especially this location at 5th and Harrison where thousands of people, I can't even believe how many people this is going to reach, but also pedestrians. It's just something beautiful to look at. The whole beautification of our area."

The group works on the mural Monday through Thursday and their deadline to finish is July 12th. 

The mural is part of the Metro Arts Summer Youth Employment Program which employs 42 artists, ages 15 to 21 this summer. The other projects focus on the visual and performing arts. All will be showcased on July 11th.