Most Dangerous Intersections

September  12, 2013

     Four of the busiest intersections in the Quad Cities are also the most dangerous. That's according to the latest Crash Report from the Bi-State Regional Commission.

     Based on data from 2011, the highest number of accidents in the Iowa Quad Cities occurred at Eastern Avenue and KImberly Road, followed by 53rd Street at Jersey Ridge - both in Davenport. For the Illinois Quad Cities, the most dangerous intersection was in Moline, at John Deere Road and 38th Street, followed by John Deere Road at 41st Street.

     Bi-State Planning Director, Gina McCullough, says the intersections are ranked based on the number of crashes, how congested each one is, and the severity of the accidents. 

     Plans for widening John Deere Road in Moline include building an overpass at 38th Street, and McCullough thinks that should result in fewer accidents there. 

     Data from the previous year, 2010, show the two Illinois intersections along John Deere Road also ranked number one and two. But the top two for the Iowa side were different - with East Locust and Iowa Street in Davenport at number one, and West Central Park at Marquette, number two. 




(photo - John Deere Road at 38th Street in Moline, during light, mid-morning traffic)