Monmouth Coffee Project

January  23, 2014

      An inter-disciplinary project at Monmouth College has reached an important milestone. The Monmouth Coffee project has produced a ton of coffee, and will host a tasting event on Saturday. 

      Assistant chemistry professor Brad Sturgeon says the project began about three years ago when a student asked him what he knew about coffee. 

      "We started looking into some of the aspects of roasting the coffee, brewing the coffee, and it turned into a bigger project even thinking about the whole supply chain and where do you get coffee from, the different types of coffee, cultural aspects, all sorts of things." 

      Since then his chemistry students have focused on roasting and packaging the coffee called Scots Roast, business students at Monmouth College have managed the inventory and found sales outlets, and the art students have designed the label.  Sturgeon says his students have also investigated some of the chemical substances found in coffee, such as chloro-genic acid.

      "And chlorogenic acid has been in the news as a weight loss pill that you could use for weight loss and so we are trying to understand how that particular chemical compound might be modified during the roasting processs, and then also during the preparation of the drink or the brewing process." 

      So far the Monmouth Coffee Project has roasted 25-hundred pounds of coffee using just a one pound roaster in one of the college's chemistry labs.  Their Scots Roast blend is now available in the college coffee shop and bookstore, and in Monmouth at Olivia's Cookie Jar and Kitchen. And that's where the tasting will be held Saturday beginning at 10 a.m.