Moline School Honored by State

April  28, 2014

      A school in Moline has been honored by the state for its students' improving test scores. Garfield Elementary is one of 125 across Illinois to the receive the 20-13 Academic Improvement Award.  Garfield made the list because overall student test scores rose by at least 7 1/2 percentage points.

      Principal Todd Williams says his kids' scores actually jumped by 13 points in both math and reading, and he credits collaboration. 

      "We looked at it as a whole school versus just a grade level. And we involved all of our members to get buy-in with what we were doing. We involved everybody in that process, not jsut one or two teachers."

      He says the school staff also examined their curriculum to make sure the students would be prepared when the state test was given. 

      "We do something called the Measure of Academic Progress three times a year. It's an online assessment which gives a pretty good idea of where the kids are, and then we try to make some academic interventions for those kids below grade level to bring them up to speed."

      Williams says his goal each year is "continuous improvement." Garfield also won an Academic Improvement Award in 2007.