Manor Homes Redevelopment

May  02, 2013

     The demolition and re-development of a public housing complex in Rock Island will begin this year. Today the Rock Island Housing Authority received permission from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to tear down Manor Homes and replace it with single family homes and duplexes.

     Spokeswoman Gail Brooks says Manor Homes now has about 350 people living in 102 apartments.

     "Manor Homes is a 60 year old project. It's obsolete. Our mission is to replace it with high quality housing that's affordable and accessible for a broad-based market. We're changing the look, the face, and the feel of public housing."

     Brooks says the project was announced last year, and since then the Rock Island Housing Authority has sent letters to Manor Homes residents, and held several meetings, to let them know they'll soon have to re-locate, and what help is available. She thinks demolition could occur sometime this summer or early fall, and the entire re-development should take about 2 years. 



(photo - what Manor Homes will look like in about two years)