Mallards Open New Season

October  18, 2013

     After nearly folding a year ago, the Quad City Mallards are ready to start a new season well organized, well funded, and well trained. They host Rapid City on Saturday night at the I Wireless Center in Moline.

     Team president Bob McNamara says he's thrilled by the community's response to the Mallards' re-building efforts.

     "We lead the league in new season tickets and we've doubled our season ticket base which is significant. We've brought in some new corporate partners. And off the ice from that standpoint, I think we're headed in the right direction."

     He also thinks fans will enjoy the many promotions and special events the Mallards have planned for this season.

     Coach Terry Ruskowski says the difference from last year is like "night and day." He had just a few days to cobble together a team after the previous owner tried to close it, had no training camp, and the season started late. But this year he's had several months to put together a team, and even two weeks of training camp. 

     "I'm so excited to start this season and I'm so nervous that I hope we do good because this is a very important year for us. We want to show the fans we've worked hard, that we did what we had to do to put a successful team on the ice - off the ice and on the ice. I just want to to well to make sure the fans are proud of us."

      Before their first game Saturday night, the Mallards will host an "Opening NIght Fan Fest" outside the I Wireless Center, beginning at 5 pm. It'll feature food, live music, and children's activities.