Making the Quad Cities livable and lovable

May  01, 2014

      Local residents can learn how to make the Quad Cities more livable and lovable. As part of the 2nd annual Quad Cities Week, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals Network, the author of a book called "For the Love of Cities," will speak tonight.

      Peter Kageyama  says city planners tend to focus on large-scale projects, but miss out on what citizens really enjoy about their community. 

      "The thing that we probably really love about places, they're probably a favorite park, where we got to get coffee, our favorite local dive bar. I try to remind people to leave a litlle room for those small things or those silly things; the things that make them smile or feel like, 'Hey, I'm home."

      The self-proclaimed community "love doctor" likens this area to a family of cities. 

       "Five sort of unique identities that may be very competitive. I mean, nobody's as competitive as siblings. But you know what? Nobody better mess with my brother. Nobody better mess with my sister."
       Kageyama says it's easier to have a large impact in a place like the Quad Cities, than larger cities like Chicago, because of its size.  Kageyama will speak at the Young Professionals Network Community Impact Awards at 5:30 pm tonight at the Establishment Theatre in Davenport.