LRC Revises Its Proposal to RI County

August  22, 2013

     Rock Island County will save money if it moves most of its offices to the Quad City Industrial Center. That was the message Wednesday night from Center owner, LRC Developers, to the ad-hoc committee studying county facilities.

     LRC president Scott Christiansen says the current county office building in downtown Rock Island is 115 years old, and would be too costly to renovate. 

     "The best case scenario for the county is one huge building to include everything. But the cost of that is so high that the odds of a referendum passing for that are slim." 

     County officials have not yet decided exactly how much space they'll need in the future, but Christiansen says it would save 30 to 35 per cent under his proposal - there's a four-story building at the QCIC that could be remodeled, it already has water and sewer connections, has plenty of parking, and no other property would have to be purchased, or homes or businesses moved. 

     "The cost savings is the most important part, but the community impact of re-developing multiple areas of Rock Island is importnt. We also feel we're in a good location - in Rock Island but right on the border of Moline and Rock Island, the two largest communities in our county."

     Last year, Christiansen proposed moving the courthouse and office building to the industrial center, but now agrees with county officials that the courthouse should stay in downtown Rock Island, near to the justice center.